General and safety directives

  1. Change your shoes and put off your outwear before you enter both the microscopy hall and study-room. The white coats are not necessary. Please deposit your shoes and outwear in the wardrobe cabinets, not in the corridor. To borrow the chip or key of a cabinet at the porter's lodge, you need the ISIC card.
  2. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the microscopic hall and the study-room of the department. Smoking is allowed at appropriate places outside only. 
  3. A student is authorized to switch on or off the student microscope lamp. Any other manipulation with any electric equipment is prohibited.
  4. A student is not allowed to enter the departmental laboratories without a teacher..
  5. Any injury or signs of a disorder should be announced to a teacher immediately.
  6. Damage to a microscopic slide should be announced to a department's worker immediately; splinters should be secured.
  7. Any failure of any department's equipment should be announced to a department's worker immediately.
  8. By fire or any other mass jeopardy, leave the department according to directives of a department's worker.