Dates of examinations

Three final exam August dates were added to SIS. Registration for August and September dates will start on July 4 at 8 p.m. Everyone can choose the date of the exam at their own discretion, so even the third attempts can be made at any date offered. We will form exam committees for them as needed. The last 3 dates will be fully commissional, which means that all students will be tested before a three-member committee, regardless of the attempt number. The student can register only for one of the commissional dates.

Lending of slides

Slides and electron micrographs will be lent to July 4 and then again from August 12, 2019.

What to study for the summer semester tests?

CLD (circulatory system, lymphoid system, digestive system, development of digestive and respiratory systems)
   Junqueira: chapters 11, 14-16
   Langman: chapters 14, 15, 17
   Moodle presentations:  Topics 13-18
   Lectures: Circulatory system, Lymphoid system, Organogenesis of digestive and respiratory systems, Digestive system I and II

RUR (respiratory system, urinary system, reproductive system, development of circulatory system, development of urinary and reproductive systems, programmed cell death, cloning and stem cells)
   Junqueira: chapters 17, 19, 21, 22
   Langman: chapters 13, 16
   Moodle presentations:  Topics 19-26
   Lectures: Respiratory system, Organogenesis of circulatory and lymphatic systems, Urinary system, Male reproductive system, Female reproductive system, Organogenesis of urinary and reproductive systems, Embryonic cloning and stem cells, Programmed cell death and its regulation

NES (nervous system, endocrine system, skin and skin adnexa, development of nervous and endocrine systems, development of skin, teratogenesis)
   Junqueira: chapters 9, 18, 20, mammary gland in 22
   Langman: chapters 18, 21, endocrine organs in 17 and 18
   Moodle presentations:  Topics 27-32 (part)
   Lectures: Endocrine system, Teratogenesis, Nervous system, Organogenesis of nervous and endocrine systems, Skin

What to study for the winter semester tests?

CET (cytology, general embryology I, basic techniques)
   Junqueira: chapters 1-3
   Langman: chapters 2-5
   Moodle presentations:  Topics 1-4
   Lectures: Cytology I-III, General embryology I, Basic technique

MAO (molecular aspects of development, ontogenesis)
   Langman: chapter 1
   Moodle presentations: Topics 8-9
   Lectures: Molecular aspects of development, Ontogenesis

HEB (general histology, general embryology II, blood and hematopoiesis)
   Junqueira: chapters 4-10, 12-13
   Langman: chapters 6-8, 10-12
   Moodle presentations: Topics 5-7, 10-12
   Lectures: Epithelial tissue, Connective tissue I and II, Nerve tissue, Muscle tissue, General embryology II, Blood, Hematopoiesis

For the test retakes, the limitting percentage of correct answers remains 70 %. However, the teachers will discuss with each student having the result 50 or 60 % in order to analyze mistakes and possibly find some misunderstandings or mistakes caused by immediate inattention. After this discussion, the result can be improved.