Demonstrators and lectors

Practical teaching of histology and embryology within the joint subject Anatomy, histology and embryology (AHE) takes place under the guidance of teachers and lectors. We also welcome the help of demonstrators, whose task is to help students with operating the microscope, with orientation in the specimen, with the search for the structures being discussed and with the identification of details.

How to become a demonstrator?

Demonstrators are usually 2nd and 3rd year students who have already successfully passed the AHE exam and are interested in histological and embryological issues. We assume that they orientate themselves in the material discussed and deepen their knowledge by self-study or, possibly, by participating in regular meetings with lectors, which are held (usually) every week in the Department's slide-room. During the practicals, the demonstrators move among the students, respond to their questions, but also actively approach the microscoping students and dispel their doubts about the studied structures. A maximum of 4 demonstrators can participate in one practical. Those interested in demonstrating can apply by e-mail to the head of the Department. The demonstrator's work is not remunerated, but can be bonused by 10 points for the IFMSA internship or 1 point per semester for the Erasmus+ program. In such a case, those demonstrators who "serve" at least 5 practicals per semester will receive a certificate of extracurricular activity. Requests for confirmation are also sent to the head of the Department.

How to become a lector?

We select lectors from among the demonstrators after the completion of the 3rd year. A prerequisite is a successfully completed pathology exam. The work of the lector is remunerated, the work contract is concluded. Those interested in lectoring can apply to the head of the Department.